» Responsa in a Moment

For some time I have been teaching a class at Hillcrest Jewish Center, between Mincha and Maariv every other Shabbat, which is called: Responsa in a Moment. Members of our congregation ask questions and in a couple of weeks after some reading and researching I teach a class about the topic. Usually speaking I create my own source sheets to teach the class but sometimes when I find a suitable source sheet or paper over the internet or in some book I use those ones. Here I present only the ones that I developed. I hope you enjoy them! I apologize for all the English mistakes you may found in the different source sheets.


  1. Why do we sing Psalm 126 before the Birkat HaMazon?
  2. Why do we light candles for Shabbat?
  3. How many candles should we light for Shabbat?
  4. Why do we put salt in the Challah during Shabbat? 
  5. Is permitted to use an umbrella on Shabbat?

Prayers and Davening

  1. When we should say and when we shouldn´t say Shehecheyanu blessing?
  2. Why do we say “Adonai Hu HaElohim” seven times at the end of Neila? And why do we blow the Shofar at the end of the service?
  3. Which are the different traditions regarding the origin of the Minyan? What about the tradition of counting a child to complete a Minyan?
  4. Why do we bow, and how we should do it, during the Amidah?
  5. Why do we cover our eyes for the Shema Israel?
  6. Why do we point the Torah during Hagbah? 
  7. What is the connection between Rosh Chodesh and Women?
  8. Why the afternoon prayer is called Mincha?


  1. Which rooms require a Mezuzah?
  2. Should we Jews celebrate our birthdays?
  3. What is Marit Ayin and what are their implications?
  4. Can one eat meat and someone else dairy in the same table?
  5. Can we accept gifts?
  6. What are the «Seven» Rabbinic Mitzvot?